If it is your first time in a Turkish Bath we would like to show you how it works and what you can expect at Hamam

  • Before you come in you will get waistcloth and bathshoes.
  • For your clothes you will get a case which you can lock.
  • Before you start with Turkish Bath you will take a shower.
  • After shower you lay down on the big marble top to sweat for about 20 minutes.
  • When your skin is soft enough, the masseur will start to clean/scrub your skin with a rough handshoe (keseci)
  • After this your body will be completely covered with foam, cleaning and finally washed over with warm water.
  • Then you will lay down to relax and to cool your body.
  • You will feel like you are newborn!

    Dont worry abaout your tan- this will not be affected! Quite the reverse

  • Because of your open skin pores your body can start to breathe and absorb the tan
  • After taking Turkish Bath we recommend you a bodymassage.
  • This completes unforgettable experience for you in our Bath.