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The large popular resort center of Alanya lies at one end of a rocky promontory which juts out into the Mediterranean between two long sandy beaches. A 13th century Seljuk fortress-one of the most magnificent sights on the coast-crowns the headland. About 150 towers punctuate the walls of the well- preserved, double walled citadel. Within the outer walls are ruins of mosques, a caravanserai and a covered bazaar; in the inner walls are a ruined cistern and a Byzantine church. Although Alanya's history dates back to Roman times, it rose to prominence under the Seljuks, when in 1220, Alaeddin Keykubat made it his winter residence and naval base. The surviving buildings reflect the importance of the city in Seljuk times. Besides the impressive citadel tourists should explore the unique dockyards and the octagonal Kizil Kule(Red Tower).

If you enjoy exploring you should visit the Damlatas Cave to see the eerie misshapen rock formations. Nearby is the Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, (Open weekdays except Monday). A boat can take you to the three sea grottoes:Fosforlu Magara with its phosphorescent rocks, the Kizlar Magarasi, where pirates imprisoned their female captives, and the Asiklar Magarasi.

When the intense sun overpowers you, take a day trip to the Dim Cayi Valley, 15 km east of Alanya, where you can relax in the shade of this scenic valley and listen to the stream rushing by. Avsallar (incekum), about 25 km from Aianya to the west, is a holiday resort center with fine sandy beaches. If you travel east from Alanya towards Gazipasa you will discover and no doubt linger on the exceptional beaches. 30 km east of Alanya, Aytap, the historical harbor city Lotape, is a great excursion site, with Roman ruins, secluded beaches and bays.

what would you like to eat in Alanya? Let us remind you: it's not possible to find such a variety of choices from all favourite kitchens of the worldi even in the best holiday resort of the world. Turkish, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanes and Russian restaurants are in your service for day and night in Alanya.We recommend you to taste Turkish food – exotic types of “?i? kebab” prepared by chief cooks and traditional Alanya foods firstly. If you prefer to eat fast food during the day, you may choose one of the international fast food meals or try traditional Turkish menus such as “gözleme”, “döner sandwich” or “lahmacun”.Of course fish is also an alternative choice. The fish, brought from the deep blue seas of the Mediterranean, are in the freezers for you. You should have a look. You may also start with a slice of white cheese and melon (if it is its season) and “Raky”. Keep in mind that Raky is drunk slowly, mixed with water. If you prefer live music with your meal, you'll already feel the rhythm in your soul. By the way, have you ever thought of dancing with a “dansöz” (dancing girl) during your meal? If you claim that you are tired, you should wait for the dessert . Specially “baclava” and banana with honey will give you energy more than you need.In which ever restaurant you are,we advise you to drink a Turkish coffee at the end of the meal. Anybody will show you the restaurants , which include wild boar meat in their menus if you ask. The aroma of wild boar of the Taurus is of another taste.

International : Alanya can be reached either by airway, seaway or highway, but the most preferred one is the airway. Although there are no scheduled passenger ships in the seaway, there are places for custom and mooring in Alanya harbour for foreign boats. There are also fuel, water and food services in the harbour. The ones wanting to use the highway can have a look at title ‘highway' on the page ‘national'.

A I R W A Y : International Antalya Airport, 130 km. far from the center of Alanya, is open the both scheduled and unscheduled flights arranged by the tour operators in European countries, in summer months there is a dense air traffic in Antalya Airport. According to the data's of the year 2003, the number of the foreigners entering into Turkey from the port of entry at Antalya Airport is more than 3 million. The largest portion belongs to the Germans with 1.5 million people.

S E A W A Y : Alanya harbour is open to international voyages. Alanya harbour is visited by the boats of the Mediterranean tours held by the Israeli and Egyptian travel agencies. Every other day there are ferry tours from Alanya to the Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic. The wharf in the city center is suitable for the cruisers to moor. There are also places for waiting in the harbour. It is possible for the yachts to moor behind the breakwater.

MUSEUMS : There are four museums in Alanya. These are the Museum of Archaeology, that of Ethnography, Museum of İçkale and Museum of Atatürk's House. All of the museums are under control of the Head Office of Museums in Alanya and you have to pay for a visit. They are all open to visitors during the week except for lunch breaks. The most important work in Alanya is the statue of Heracleus exhibited in the museum of Archaeology. Kizilkule in the harbour is designed as the museum of Ethnography. İçkale, built as the palace of the Sultan Alaaddin during the reconstruction of the city in the 13th century, is now a museum and open to visitors. The Head Office of Museums: Hilmibağcı Caddesi, Damlataş Alanya Phone: (242) 513 12 28

MOUNTAINS : Although Alanya is on the coast of the Mediterranean, its back rests on Western Taurus. The Taurus Mountains are of essential importance in the life of Alanya people. Going to pasture in the mountains and spending the summer there is a thousand-year's Turkoman tradition. Up until the last century, the villagers used to leave their villages with the coming of spring and go to pasture. On the plains of the Taurus exceeding thousand meters, the tents made of goat hair were pitched and while on one side flocks were put out the pasture on the other side people makes cheese and butter and weave carpets and rugs. The pasturage culture today exists in the luxurious cottages instead of the tents for people to go there and have a cool weekend holiday. The Taurus hold the unique beauty of the nature with its pine and cedar trees covered by forests, deep valleys, peaks in clouds and rivers coming from peaks. Nowadays the pastures are commonly visited by both local and foreign tourists; old Turkmen traditions do still exist in these daily picnic areas.

CAVES : It is possible to call alanya ‘a city of caves' You can discover the mysterious world of land and sea caves in Alanya. While wandering about the fascinating world of land and sea caves in Alanya. While wandering about the fascinating world of stalactites and stalagmites formed in thousands of years in land caves, you will also witness the forming of new stalactites and stalagmites. This witness, with the scenery created by the lighting inside the cave, will take you into a fantasy film. The world famous cave of Alanya is Damlata? Cave. The air in Damlataş is beneficial to the patients of asthma and doctors advise their patients o visit this cave. Kadıini Cave, which is not open for visit yet, is the settlement for the people of alanya 20 thousand years ago. Also the sea caves down under the peninsula are the places where ancient mythological tories took place.

BEACHES : The coast of Alanya consists of wide beaches and they have Blue Flag. Blue Flag is an international practice that determines and inspects the cleanness of the sea water and beach standarts. Blue Flag is to the beaches that conforms with these qualities and it is valid for one year. Every fortnight microbiological and physiochemical analyses of the water is done. In Alanya the colour of the sea turns to turquoise from blue. In still weather it is possible to see the fish deep in the sea. It is common of fish wandering around your feet. The west and east coast of Alanya are beaches. In the west, are Damlata? and Cleopatra beaches and in the east are Keykubat and Portakal beaches. Out of the city, there are come beaches like Ula?, Konaklı, Fuğla, İncekum, Mahmutlar. Alanya beaches are miles long. Besides the beaches, there are some natural beaches next to the motorway, under the slope of a hill or among some ancient ruins which awaits its guests who prefer being just with the nature and the history. The rules of local administrations as well as the international ones are applied at the beaches in Alanya city centre. In accordance with these, entrance to the beaches and the showers are free. Deck chairs and beach umbrellas are provided in return of money; however it is not obligatory to seek these service. At buffets in the beaches there are no price difference. At the beaches no boats and water sports vehicles are allowed within a certain distance from the coast; swimming areas are determined with barriers.

FUN : What does ‘fun' mean? It means having a good time. One can have fun alone or with a group of friends. Alanya provides endless opportunities in any time of day to those who are looking for fun. You can have a good time during the day and night. You can also have fun in wild parties or be on your own. You will feel complete freedom in Alanya. That's why once you come to Alanya you will have the time of your life and never forget your holiday. People who have worked hard during the year prefers Alanya to have fun and relax in Alanya. Our European friends buy or rent houses in Alanya. You can have the privilege to have fun and relax in Alanya.

HEALTH : There are four general hospitals in Alanya-one belonging to the state, one to the university, and two to private sector-which are open 24 hours a day and where any kind of operation can be performed. Insurance's in European countries as well as international health insurance are valid in these hospital. When needed, the patient can be transferred abroad on an ambulance plane. In Alanya, there are also dialysis centers for patients of nephrosis. Besides, in the medical centers in towns and in the touristic facilities to give first aid when needed.

SPORT : Capital of Alternative Sports When we talk about sports in Alanya, triathlon race which has an important place in the world sports rating is the first thing that comes to our mind. However, Alanya hosts a great number of international sports such as swimming marathon, mountain cycle, beach volleyball and beach football. In a way, Alanya is like a capital of alternative sports in Mediterranean. From spring to autumn, there's an international sports activity in Alanya. On international level, Alanya sports club struggles with the professional football team in Turkey second league and woman basketball team struggles in Turkey first league.